We should let nature take care of itself

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we should not delude ourselves into thinking that nature or the environment needs us. Nature and the environment have survived before humans walked on this earth, and this planet shall survive even without us.

Everything happens for a reason, e.g. animals go extinct because they're not suited for the changing surroundings. We should not interfere with the restoration, because restoration in unsuited surroundings may doom their race even further by making the offspring sickly. By doing this, we could sentence them off to a long and excruciatingly painful process of life.
our very extinct and everything that consists of life is made of DNA. DNA is what defines us; it's what created and creates us. Essentially , it's our life-code. if we attempt to evolve our human race by tampering with our life-code (creating and adding chemical compounds to increase our strength, our looks), our human race will eventually be doomed, due to the artificial components that we inject ourselves with, or the experiment could go terrible and create side- effects that could lead to a world disaster.
Attempting to change the climate change problem may make the situation even worse and doom every living organism. Let nature recycle their air and reset the weather conditions.
Instead of creating the possibility of these situation happening, we should allow nature to tend to us through her natural medicines.
   27/02/2018          TAMARA WAEL                GRADE 11 

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