My trip to the City of love

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    My trip to the City of love

     In 2012, I traveled to France with my family for a week at my uncle's house. It was the most beautiful 7 days I spent in my life despite the difficulties I faced. One of them was the loss of my passport at the last
station before leaving the airport.
    France is the state of beauty in my opinion: its culture, its features, everything related to.

We went by boat tour in the seine river and how noisy the sun was annoying, then      
We ascended to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower with a view that the eye could hardly describe. In addition, we went up to the roof of the huge carved arch of victory, where the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is buried in honor of him, despite the lack of knowledge about him
    We went through Paris Opera Garnier, which has high admission costs and we do not forget that you have to register your name to enter one of its concerts about three months ago so we passed and we were bemused.
   We visited two museums: The Louvre and I saw there the Mona Lisa and the second museum is: The wax museum where I had a picture with Gandhi and Celine Dion.
      We shop in the crowded Friday market, sold there: as you think, it's a nice market, cheaper than markets in Champs-Elysée.
     On the occasion of our mention this street we spent our nights rambling in it where the weather was very beautiful and the sounds were amazing from people who play music, as well as those who display their talents, what a wonderful nightlife!
     We also visited the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the magnificent Church of Notre Dame.
    My uncle took us to the palace of Versailles: A stunning palace: It was the residence of the kings of France like Louis 15th, Louis 16th and Louis17th.
Before the end of our trip we went to the most beautiful place and the most difficult place to forget your memories in.
It’s the Euro Disney which is Located in the center of Paris, It's the largest amusement park complex in Europe.

       Due to the beauty of this trip I wished to repeat it and actually repeated this trip with my school last year. It also was very beautiful trip with them.
    I strongly advise you if you think about traveling somewhere, do not hesitate and go to France, I'm sure it'll get your admiration.
Adele Caspari
أديل ناصر كسبري

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